Simplex Engineering offers a wide range of services to suit your needs and to minimise your projects costs. With our extensive experience in the field we are able to provide sophisticated designs and specialised advice to assist with your project.

Complete Project Management

Complete project management:
If you are after a convenient project management solution, let us know and we can organise all the works for you. This is a comprehensive flexible solution that takes care of the applications, negotiations with utilities and councils, design, and the vetting and recommendation of the ASP L1 to do the construction for you.

L1 vetting and selection:
Simplex Engineering is a specialised independent designer. Since we are independent, we are able to help you select a L1 contractor without any bias. We ensure the builder is fully insured and is capable and qualified to carry out the job.


There are a lot of different aspects that need to be considered when doing electrical works for your development. Ensure costly mistakes are avoided, and the project is delivered on time by consulting with us about your project.

Maximum Demand Assessment:
We are able to estimate the load that you will require to supply your development, before construction. Depending on the type of development, a number of factors can influence the load you require, and how this load will be supplied. These issues can be managed before construction to minimised the space required for electrical assets on site.

Electrical requirements analysis:
Based on the Maximum Demand Assessment we are able to determine the infrastructure that will be required on site to power the development. This infrastructure can range from a direct connection to the Main Switchboard for smaller loads, to requiring an indoor chamber substation for much larger supplies.

Applications process:
Simplex Engineering is able to coordinate and submit the applications to the electrical distributors (Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy, Essential Energy), and supply the documents and calculations that they may require. These application processes includes the maximum demand assessment and will provide you with a requirements analysis.

Negotiations with Utilities and Councils:
Simplex Engineering is able to negotiate with the utilities and local councils on behalf of the client to determine if a certain outcome can be reached. Our knowledge and past experiences help to ensure a favourable outcome for all parties.

Environmental Impact Assessment:
The construction industry is becoming increasingly aware of environmental issues, and have to comply with more stringent requirements from approvals bodies. We are able to conduct an Environmental Impact Assessment to determine the environmental impact of the electrical works to flora, fauna, and the community.


Level 3:
Simplex Engineering was one of the first accredited ASP L3 service provides to be recognised by the Department of Fair Trading. We have plenty of experience and are highly skilled in the field, which ensures we have a fast turn around of high quality designs. We are able to provide a range of design services:

  • Residential
  • Subdivisions
  • Multi-Unit Developments
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Asset Relocation
  • Outdoor Substations (Padmount or Kiosk)
  • Indoor Substations (Chamber)
  • Pillars
  • Direct Distribution
  • Decommissioning Works

Temporary Building Supply:
Simplex Engineering can produce designs for temporary building supplies, to power your constriction during the development of your project. This design can also be coordinated with the design for the permanent supply of your development to minimise project costs.

MSB Panel Design:
Simplex Engineering is able to design the panels for the main switchboard. This connects to the electricity network, and distributes power within the property.

Single Line Diagram:
Simplex Engineering can also design single line diagrams to show the schematic inside the property, to show how power will be supplied and distributed in the development.


Lighting Certification:
Simplex Engineering is an accredited lighting certifier that can audit and check lighting designs. We are highly experienced and skilled in this area to ensure the lighting design performs optimally as intended.

Streetlight Network Design:
Simplex Engineering is highly experienced in this area and is able to produce streetlight network designs to comply with utility and local council requirements. We are able to upgrade existing streetlights, alter the existing network, or design a new lighting network. Our experience ensures you are able to achieve great results quickly.

LUX Design:
Simplex Engineering is an experienced lighting designer and has all the necessary resources available to produce LUX illumination designs and analysis to ensure appropriate illumination of roadways, public and private areas. These designs often need to satisfy local council and RMS lighting requirements.